A life advances: Genoveva wants to seduce David to discover the truth


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Ready for the next episode of Una vita? As always, our previews arrive that reveal the plot of the next episode broadcast on June 16, 2022. Tomorrow on Canale 5 as always at 2.10 pm we will see the second part of episode 1414 of Acacias 38. Poor Lolita, as you will have understood, he is trying to do everything possible to help Felipe but it is not easy … Aurelio thinks he has allayed his wife’s curiosity and gives David his permission to work as a stockbroker. However, Genoveva continues to investigate the man and tries to seduce him. There is little time left for the inauguration of the square and Ramon still does not want to know anything about it. Marina offers her help to Lolita in organizing and, during the woman’s visit, Lolita receives a letter from the Conservative party.

But now let’s see what will happen tomorrow, with the new episode of Una vita which will be broadcast as always after Beautiful.

Beautiful anticipations: the plot of tomorrow June 16, 2022

Felipe continues to complain about Prudencio. Lolita tries to ask the lawyer to trust and be helped but things are not easy at all. Liberto realizes that he does not have enough money for the renovation and thinks about who to ask for a loan. He must be very careful, however, since none of his friends of him know what the real economic situation is in which they live … Guillermo explains to Casilda that it was all a misunderstanding and that the person he is interested in is Azucena. The maid agrees to help him understand what the young woman’s tastes and interests are… Lolita decides to take Marina home and introduces her to Ramon who shows himself cold and detached for the umpteenth time. Genoveva decides to go to David’s house …

All this and much more in the episode of A life that awaits us tomorrow, June 16, 2022 as always on Canale 5.


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