7-Eleven sues building owner for additional security costs amid vagrancy issues

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DENVER — A battle over homelessness is heating up between a tenant and landlord in Denver’s Lower Downtown (LoDo) neighborhood.

In September 2021, Seattle-based Unico bought the five-story building on the corner of 18th and Blake streets. 7-Eleven had been a tenant of that building for more than a decade. Shortly after the purchase, according to 7-Eleven, Unico claimed the convenience store on the ground floor was attracting vagrants, making other workers in the building feel unsafe.

This week, 7-Eleven’s corporate office filed a lawsuit against Unico, claiming the building owner broke the lease agreement when it charged the store thousands of dollars for security over these so-called vagrancy issues.

Steve Gregory stops by the convenience store every day.

“It’s not one business’s problem… it’s a problem of our society,” said Gregory.

Denver7 obtained a copy of the lawsuit filed by 7-Eleven, which claims there is only so much the convenience store can do when it comes to people on public sidewalks.

According to the lawsuit, in November 2022, Unico issued a demand for payment of more than $20,000 for additional security. 7-Eleven paid that money under protest. Unico then sent a demand letter to 7-Eleven on March 6 for an additional $54,000, which has not been paid.

7-Eleven said it has taken numerous steps in good faith, including hiring a roving surveillance service and offering to install more cameras, which the store claims the building’s owner rejected.

The convenience store claims its proximity to Union Station and 16th Street Mall — two areas struggling with homelessness — is the root cause of the problem, not the store itself.

“7-Eleven is not doing anything to attract them and it is merely operating a legal business,” the lawsuit reads.

Attorneys for 7-Eleven declined the chance to comment on the lawsuit. Denver7 reached out to representatives for Unico but did not hear back.

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