White sheets covered the bodies of two brutally murdered 14-year-olds found lying in an alley on Chicago’s South Side Sunday afternoon. Their names were Rashad Dorsey and Dacarri Womack.

According to the police traffic scanner, “the caller says there are four black males trying to steal the neighbors vehicle from the alley.”

Sources tell FOX 32 that police received a call that four men were trying to break into a resident’s vehicle. After being confronted, the men ran into the alley. Witnesses told police they heard gunshots immediately afterwards.

“My kindergartner was walking out the door while the shooting was going on. Thank God nothing happened to her,” said Nancy Johnson, owner of the daycare.

The crash happened just before 2:30 pm at 89th and Cottage Grove. The crime scene was filled with more than 30 shell casings.

There are at least three child care businesses located in the immediate area. Now Johnson is calling for more police patrols.

“I mean, there’s three daycares here and there seems to be no protection. We’re alone, please. That’s all we can do,” Johnson said.

As investigators review surveillance footage from nearby cameras, neighbor Katerria Doty is outraged, saying the senseless violence impacts us all.

Police have not confirmed whether the 14-year-olds killed were part of the group trying to break into a neighbor’s vehicle. No one is in custody at this time. Two detectives in the area are investigating.