OTTAWA, Ill. — A 104-year-old Chicago woman set the record for oldest person to tandem skydive on Saturday.

Family, friends and neighbors gathered at Skydive Chicago Airport in Ottawa to celebrate Dorothy Hoffner as she broke the record, becoming the oldest person ever to tandem skydive out of an airplane.

Dorothy’s partner, a US Parachute Association instructor, was quickly impressed.

“She seems to know what she’s doing so it makes my job a whole lot easier,” instructor Derek Baxter said.

That’s because Dorothy does know what she’s doing, she jumped out of a plane once before, when she was 100.

“I was having dinner with Dorothy and I mentioned I was going skydiving and she said I want to do it too,” said Dorothy’s friend Joseph Conan.

Dorothy had such a good time, that she brought up again this year.

“I looked up to see who the oldest skydiver in the history of the world was and it was a Swedish woman who was 103, and I realized Dorothy would break the world record,” Conan said.

Dorothy floated high above her supporters as they watched her come back a record-breaker.